Leading organics recycling, composting and renewable energy manufacturer Peats Group Ltd are proud to announce the official opening of their fourth compost and renewable energy manufacturing site located at Whyalla City Council’s Mount Laura Waste and Resource Recovery Centre.

Opening of the site comes almost 12 months after the Australian Government funded its $222.3 million Regional Jobs and Investment Packages (RJIP) program, awarding Peats with one of nine Upper Spencer Gulf Region Grants for an Advanced Composting and Renewable Energy Facility.  The projected capital expenditure budget of $5.49 million will create 60 part-time jobs over the next 2 years and 12 full-time jobs into the future offering new jobs to people sourced from the local region.

The Peats project incorporates the construction of an Advanced Composting Facility, the purpose of which is to accept green, organic and food waste, digest the waste using Anaerobic Digestions, to produce both Biogas for sale into the grid and a compost product that can be sold to surrounding agricultural markets for soil improvement and carbon enhancement.

The Whyalla City Council site began the production of compost product on 1st May, with plans for the renewable energy plant to be fully operational by 30th June 2020.  The venture will transform the site into a producer of renewable energy potentially providing very cost-effective electricity into the grid. It will also produce valuable soil improvement organic and semi-organic products which farmers, landscapers, councils and households. These products can add humic and fulvic supplements to their soils whilst adding water saving, carbon improving qualities – all of which are fundamentals for improved outputs in the local regional horticultural, viticultural, agricultural and meat production industries.

Redirecting organic recyclable materials from homes and businesses away from landfill means that ozone depleting methane gas is redirected into captured biogas for renewable energy production without affecting the production of the valuable soil improvement products.

RDAWEP CEO Dion Dorward said that the expansion of the Peats Group facility into Whyalla is another step forward in the transformation of Whyalla.

“This significant investment from Peats Group and the RJIP program will provide a welcome boost to local employment, the region’s economy and, renewable energy and sustainable industry.

“RDAWEP works continuously with all levels of government and industry to diversify and develop our economy.  This announcement, along with further developments including GFG’s steelworks growth, a new Veolia waste transfer station, proposed horticulture and solar energy projects,  a proposed new foreshore hotel, Education and Innovation Precinct, new jetty and Bennett Oval redevelopment are substantial contributions towards the economic advancement of Whyalla and the State,” Mr Dorward said.

The official opening event with its federal, state and regional distinguished guests aims to be an informative celebration of both growth in renewable energy technologies in the Upper Spencer Gulf region and the expansion of a proud South Australian company with a great vision for the future.