The Indigenous Economic Development program assists Aboriginal people move into the workforce and supports Aboriginal groups to undertake commercial activities, with a focus on:

  • Improving the economy of Aboriginal organisations and/or individuals
  • Attracting investment to support the establishment and sustainability of the Indigenous economy.

The objective is to create vibrant and dynamic Indigenous communities by providing strategies for the development of local economic growth, and opportunities for Indigenous training and employment in the following industry sectors:

  • mining
  • space industry
  • the local economy
  • land based activities in agriculture, horticulture and natural resources management
  • water, sea and land based activities in commercial fishing and aquaculture
  • tourism and the arts.

Far West Aboriginal Tourism Strategy

“To promote the Far West of South Australia as a unique and culturally diverse destination to experience.”

RDAEP in collaboration with Aboriginal communities and organisations on the Far West of Eyre Peninsula has produced the first Aboriginal Tourism Strategy in South Australia.

Aboriginal culture is the world’s oldest continuous culture.  Small but growing Aboriginal tourism ventures are taking their ancient culture and sharing, offering insights and experiences to visitors from within Australia and overseas.

Far West Aboriginal Tourism Strategy