Need help exploring your business idea or running your small business, the Self-Employment Assistance program can assist with start-ups or existing businesses, through its flexible services:

  • Exploring Self-Employment Workshops
  • Business Plan Development
  • Free accredited Small Business Training
  • Business Advice Sessions
  • Business Health Checks
  • Small Business Coaching.

You may also be eligible for financial support while you start and run your business as part of Small Business Coaching.

For more information visit: Self-Employment Assistance Program

Other useful information can be found at: Start Your Business  or  SA Business Information Hub or Australian Government Business or Business Industry Information 

RDAEP may also have availability to provide some assistance in establishing a business plan or advice on an existing business.  This advice is designed to assist business owners and managers improve business management systems, processes and decisions of businesses within the region. We ask that you undertake the necessary research prior to requesting advice.

If you are seeking grant or funding opportunities please visit:  Grant Finder