A new brand for Eyre Peninsula

RDAEP completed development of a regional tourism brand positioning ‘Eyre’ and South Australia’s ‘Wild Side’.  The EYRE brand is used for tourism marketing of the Eyre Peninsula in place of the former ‘Seafood Frontier’ brand.  The updated brand, in addition to the Eyre Peninsula Destination Marketing Plan, places Eyre Peninsula in a strong strategic position moving forward.

The hard work by all involved was recognised on November 6 2023 where “Eyre – The Wild Side” won gold in the Tourism Marketing & Campaigns category at the South Australian Tourism Awards.  The brand represented Eyre Peninsula and South Australia at the National Tourism Awards in Darwin during March 2024.

Are you a tourism business or community organisation that would like to utilise the brand?  Access to the brand assets are found on RDAEP’s EP Tourism Network SharePoint – email casey.peters@rdaep.org.au to gain access through a Microsoft email address.

Eyre – Brand Style Guide
Press Release MAR23
Media Release NOV23


New Destination Website

RDAEP are excited to announce the launch of the Eyre Peninsula website (eyrepeninsula.com). We closely monitor the website ensuring we can quickly resolve any technical “glitches”.  This website is a living resource that will be regularly reviewed, monitored and updated for continuous improvement.

Are you wanting to book a campsite? Visit: https://book.eyrepeninsula.com.au/book

Eyre Peninsula Destination Management Plan (DMP) 2025 V2

The Eyre Peninsula DMP V2 sets the strategic framework to facilitate sustainable development of the visitor economy. A DMP articulates the strategic priorities for developing, promoting and managing the tourism sector, in line with the destination needs and aspirations.  The RDAEP DMP incorporates new strategic insights and community and stakeholder engagement conducted during recent major projects: the Eyre Brand development, and EP Marketing Strategy. 

EP Destination Management Plan 2025

RDAEP and Tourism

Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula (RDAEP) is the Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO), for the Eyre Peninsula. The role of RDAEP and tourism is determined via an agreement with the South Australian Tourism Commission and supported by three tiers of government.  As the regional conduit for tourism, RDAEP works closely with national, state, and local tourism bodies in addition to businesses and stakeholders to achieve its vision ‘to facilitate sustainable development of the Eyre Peninsula visitor economy’. This is achieved via implementation of the regional tourism strategy outlined in the Eyre Peninsula Destination Management Plan 2025.

The role of the Tourism Development Manager includes:

  • Local contact officer for South Australian Tourism Commission
  • Drive the strategy for sustainable development of the visitor economy
  • Regional destination marketing
  • Experience and supply development
  • Collaboration
  • Industry capability
  • Leisure and business events
  • Promote the value of tourism
  • Executive Officer for Eyes on Eyre

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