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View the latest Quarterly Regional Activity Report (August-October) for a full summary of recent tourism activity on Eyre Peninsula.

Eyre Peninsula Destination Marketing Plan 2025

The Destination Marketing Plan, co-created with community and environmental custodians, is underpinned by a compelling vision, mission, mindset, guiding principles and priorities that will ensure the Eyre Peninsula remains a special place for locals and visitors alike.

The Marketing Plan, written by Tourism E School and released in November 2022, leverages the vision of Destination Management Plan 2025. It provides an amplified focus on strategic marketing and sets a framework for a consistent and collaborative approach to tourism promotion on the Eyre Peninsula.

All those who engage in tourism marketing on the Eyre Peninsula, whether for industry, community and council, are strongly encouraged to attend the marketing workshop series on the 30th March 2023 following the Eyre Peninsula brand launch.  See save the date.

Eyre Peninsula Destination Marketing Plan 2025

Eyre Peninsula Brand Project

Brand Launch, Save the Date!
Following extensive consultation, brand agency Fuller has recommended a new tourism brand positioning for the EP, as such the project is approved to move to the design phase.

Be sure to save the date for the big reveal. This is an event not to be missed! Due to the number of stakeholders and dignitaries expected at the event, it will be held in Port Lincoln. It is hoped with sufficient notice those from further afield can pool together to travel to be part of this exciting new era for Eyre Peninsula tourism. Anyone involved with tourism marketing activity on the EP is strongly encouraged to attend the full day of marketing workshops on the 30th of March.

Along with the recent development of the Eyre Peninsula Marketing Plan, this is an exciting time for our region, and presents an opportunity to celebrate what makes us unique, and to attract our best visitors with a strengthened brand positioning. More details coming soon.

Brand Project Framework
Press Release AUG22

RDAEP and Tourism

Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula (RDAEP) is the Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO), for the Eyre Peninsula. The role of RDAEP and tourism is determined via an agreement with the South Australian Tourism Commission and supported by three tiers of government.  As the regional conduit for tourism, RDAEP works closely with national, state, and local tourism bodies in addition to businesses and stakeholders to achieve its vision ‘to facilitate sustainable development of the Eyre Peninsula visitor economy’. This is achieved via implementation of the regional tourism strategy outlined in the Eyre Peninsula Destination Management Plan 2025 (link).

The role of the Tourism Development Manager includes:

  • Local contact officer for South Australian Tourism Commission
  • Drive the strategy for sustainable development of the visitor economy
  • Regional destination marketing
  • Experience and supply development
  • Collaboration
  • Industry capability
  • Leisure and business events
  • Promote the value of tourism
  • Executive Officer for Eyes on Eyre

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