RDAEP recognises the importance of regional tourism and its growing economic importance to the Eyre Peninsula. Regional tourism contributes more than $300m annually to the state economy and is projected to be $517m annually by 2020.

RDAEP’s Tourism Development program is aimed at providing independent strategic leadership in the planning, development and marketing of tourism in Eyre Peninsula through partnerships with other symbiotic programs and organisations.

The Program is not membership based nor totally funded by government, the program operates via a pay-to-play business model with all stakeholders.

RDAEP ensures a continued focus on the visitor experience and maximising Eyre Peninsula’s tourism potential via collaboration, alignment and integration. The program aims to build the recognition of the value of the visitor economy and the regions strong tourism economic foundations.

RDAEP works with Eyre Peninsula visitor industry to encourage collaboration and coordination through cost-effective cooperative marketing activities, quality industry development programs and innovative products which encourage yield and visitor dispersal.

The program leverages RDAEP’s unparalleled networks and contacts across the tourism sector, local councils and government to maximise stakeholder investments.

Program Priorities:

  • Promote the value of the Visitor Economy
  • Deliver consumer tools and campaigns
  • Strengthen Industry Development
  • Accelerate strategic partnerships

For further information please visit: www.eyrepeninsula.com