The economic development team works with a broad range of industry, business, community and government sectors, in addition to prospective investors to enhance sustainable economic and social outcomes for the region.

Investment attraction is a key focus and is necessary to realise business and industry development opportunities and improve the region’s market competitiveness.

In particular, government and private sector investment in infrastructure is required to enhance the region’s operational capacity and efficiencies, and enable identified development opportunities to be realised.

The economic development team’s key areas of focus are:

  • Infrastructure planning and development for the region, industry and business
  • Investment attraction for key regional projects
  • Research assistance for new, expanding or diversifying businesses
  • Access and contact with business and services networks
  • Advocacy role on issues of strategic importance to the region
  • Lead role in regional planning.

RDAEP works with industry groups to:

  • facilitate the growth of regional industries by working with various industry associations
  • collaborate with other interested parties to design and implement regional marketing initiatives
  • attract potential investors into the region
  • assist in the planning for infrastructure developments within the region.