We are happy to share with our stakeholders and community organisations, our new grant and funding platform Grant Finder.

RDAEP plays an ongoing role in assisting community and industry to connect with investors and grant funding opportunities.

The Grant Finder includes two grant portals:

  • A Council portal available to unlimited council staff
  • A Community portal for local businesses and community groups.

The aim of the Grant Finder is to increase the flow of grant funding into our region through:

  • Providing councils with a tool to identify grants suitable for operations and projects
  • Identifying grants early to maximise time for grant preparation and writing
  • Raising grant awareness across the community
  • Providing the community with a one-stop shop to identify grants
  • Providing all user groups with administrative tools to better manage grant applications.

Check if you’re ready to apply for a grant –  Grant Ready

RDAEP may be able to provide some assistance with the preparation of business cases and grant applications, however if you are seeking more assistance, grant writers can be found HERE

A business plan is critical to the success of your business, and to apply for and obtain funding.  Guidelines for writing your business plan and a downloadable template can be found at