Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula (RDAEP) are looking for business “Mentors” to assist small and family business owners as part of the Small Business Fundamentals Program.

Do you need to be an expert?
No! Mentors play a crucial role in supporting small and family businesses by providing a listening ear and offering guidance. Your experience will provide an understanding that sometimes all a small business needs is someone to talk to, bounce ideas off, or gain a fresh perspective.

What could you as a mentor bring to the table?
• Experience: you are someone who has successfully started and grown their own small business. You have first-hand knowledge of the challenges and obstacles of being in business.
• Industry expertise: an understanding of the market dynamics and industry specific advise.
• Communication Skills: an ability to provide constructive feedback and be a good listener.
• Availability: willingness to commit an hour or two of your time to helping a small business owner.
• Positive attitude and motivation: being enthusiastic about seeing others succeed.

What will happen if I am interested?
We will match you with a small business and you will spend an hour or two working through issues. The business owner or operator won’t necessarily be from your own town, but maybe another business working within an industry matched with your experience and background.

What will it cost me?
Time. RDAEP would look at covering any expenses incurred by you acting as a mentor. This can be negotiated.

If this is something that you can be involved in, or you want to know more, please contact Tamsin Scholz, Project Officer on 08 8682 6588 or