The Office for Regional Housing has launched a new $10 million Regional Housing Initiatives Program, which aims to identify regional housing projects that can bring significant strategic value to the state but may require targeted assistance and partnership with government to be delivered.

The Office is looking for opportunities to partner with entities such as local governments, regional employers, the development community and other stakeholder groups, for housing projects taht:

  • make a positive impact on the local community’s economy or provide strategic benefits by securing core services
  • demonstrate support for South Australian industry including the use of local products, trades and services
  • are supported by partnerships and collaborations with other organisations such as government, industry and community; and
  • are able to be delivered in a timely manner, are financially viable and will contribute to the long-term housing needs of the community.

Submissions are currently being sought through a Registration of Interest process. Proposals may seek up to $2 million in support through the Program.

Funding for the program will be made available from FY2024/25.
Further information can be found at: Regional Housing Initiatives Program: Registration of Interest – Renewal SA

Applications must be submitted by 5:00pm on 3 May 2024.