1. A Draft South Australia’s Waste Strategy 2020-2025

 A proposed next Waste Strategy for the State, proposing targets, objectives and actions to continue our efforts to achieve positive environmental outcomes while building local industry and creating business opportunities locally and overseas. Its objective is to support South Australia’s transition to a circular economy and to make the state a national centre for reuse, remanufacturing, recycling and composting.

 2. South Australia’s Food Waste Strategy – Valuing our Food Waste

 The State’s first comprehensive strategy for reducing and preventing food waste going to landfill. This proposes actions to support households and businesses to reduce food waste sent to landfill and further opportunities for the organics recovery and processing sectors in South Australia.

 In view of the significant role that state and local government, business and the South Australian community will play in achieving the objectives in both strategies, you are encouraged to provide feedback on the proposed strategies.

Visit the YourSay website to download the strategies and to provide feedback:  Have Your Say

Also available on the Green Industries SA website:  Waste Strategy      Food Waste Strategy

 Submissions close: Friday 14 August 2020.

Feedback will help Green Industries SA develop the final documents which will be released in late 2020.