SA Water are seeking to work together with the Eyre Peninsula community to progress plans for supplementing the Uley South groundwater supply with seawater desalination to ensure water security for the region into the future.

While the option to build a seawater desalination plant at Sleaford Bay, south-west of Port Lincoln is still in consideration, it was identified that the geological conditions at Sleaford Bay would prove challenging for the construction of some of the infrastructure, requiring additional project costs.

SA Water are now exploring if other suitable locations in the region would reduce construction costs, with any new site identified to undergo the same detailed assessment applied to the initial location. SA Water are considering locating the plant closer to Port Lincoln, within the Boston Bay area to reduce some technical and environmental challenges, to achieve a better customer outcome in providing water security for lower Eyre Peninsula.

SA Water are working with Port Lincoln businesses and industry representatives, landholders, local Aboriginal communities and councils,  as their input will help inform potential alternative sites and ensure all interests are being taken into consideration and local knowledge is used to add value to the project. SA Water are also taking all steps, including undertaking studies and working with PIRSA/SARDI, to preserve and maintain the current marine environment.

Drinking water supplies for the Eyre Peninsula community remain secure, with current modelling showing groundwater resources and River Murray will continue to meet demand until a desalination plant is built.

For more information and to participate in a survey: EP Desalination Plant