Brand SA has launched a new campaign to encourage South Australian businesses to apply to use the State Brand.

Much more than a logo, the State Brand is an economic tool and asset that all South Australian businesses can take advantage of.

Locally, the State Brand helps consumers to identify what’s local so they can show their support – and we know that South Australians love to support their state.

On a national and global stage, the State Brand helps grow awareness of our state as we position South Australia as an outstanding destination to live, work, travel and invest.

The application process is fast, free and easy. Once they meet the criteria, the State Brand can be used by all types of South Australian businesses, both product and service based. Whether you’re a farmer, manufacturer or start-up, the State Brand is a way to tell the world you’re from South Australia, the home to great brands and produce.

Once approved, businesses can add the State Brand logo to their website, signage or advertising to make the most of loyal local support.

Apply to use the State Brand HERE.