The SA Government has prepared a draft Water Security Statement which provides an overview of the water security status of key population centres and water resources across the state, as well as strategic priorities in relation to water.

It is important that all of SA is water secure and that the water needed to support economic growth, a vibrant and healthy society, and healthy ecosystems, is available.

The draft Statement demonstrates how a renewed focus on water security can contribute to the government’s growth agenda, including under a changing climate. Industry sectors such
as food, wine and agribusiness, and energy and mining can only achieve their growth potential if they have reliable, sustainable and competitively priced access to water.

The Government is seeking views on the draft Statement, in particular the Statement’s strategic priorities. A copy of the draft Statement and further information can be accessed from the Department for Environment and Water’s (DEW) website:
For further information, to arrange a meeting to discuss the draft Statement, or to provide your feedback please contact Dr Ashley Kingsborough, Team Leader, Water Security, within
DEW on email: or telephone: 0419 850 009.
Feedback is requested by Friday, 18 June 2021.