The Marshall Liberal Government has recently launched a review of South Australia’s Pastoral Act and is seeking your feedback on how greater productivity can be created from the 410,000 square kilometres of pastoral rangelands.

A discussion paper has been released asking for feedback on the current Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989.

The current Pastoral Act was established 30 years ago and has not been reviewed since its inception.

Farming practices and technology has changed significantly over the years, with greater opportunities for the pastoral lands in our State.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone said “the Marshall Liberal Government wants to grow livestock activities on our pastoral areas and capitalise on the economic opportunities these vast lands represent.

“The use of the pastoral rangelands, which covers 40 per cent of the state, contributes to South Australia’s economy and industry, and is important for Aboriginal culture and supporting local communities.

“At the heart of the review is ensuring that South Australia realises the greatest value from the pastoral rangelands, while continuing to maintain the condition of the land.

“Being flexible about land use will allow businesses to diversify, to better manage income and risk, and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

“This will need to be balanced with the necessity of maintaining the condition of the land for future generations, and recognising the rights of existing users.”

Key stakeholders and people with an interest in the pastoral rangelands are invited to take part in the review of the Act and provide their views on its future management. A draft of the new legislation will be prepared for public review.

To have your say visit:

Consultation closes 5pm 13 September 2019.