Chair of Regional Development Australia Eyre Peninsula (RDAEP) Bryan Trigg has announced that the organisation has changed its name from Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula Inc (RDAWEP) to better reflect its regional representation and funding partners.

Mr Trigg stated “RDAEP services the entire Eyre Peninsula.  The new name reflects that approach and helps to simplify our message when communicating with other stakeholders.”

The change of name also coincides with the appointment of new board members to RDAEP’s voluntary skills-based board.

Endorsed by Federal, State and Local Governments, the Board includes returning members Mr Bryan Trigg AFSM (Chair), Mr Malcom Catt (Deputy Chair), Mr Allan Suter OAM, Mr Jack Velthuizen, Mrs Heather Baldock and Mr Thomas Antonio, who will be joined by Mrs Sue Chase AM, Mr Neville Starke and Mrs Juanita Walker.

Mr Trigg said the new Board brings to the table an impressive and diverse range of background disciplines and a wealth of experiences and knowledge.

“The new members bring valuable skills and a diverse range of experience to the Board, which will complement the skill sets of the ongoing Board Members. They have strong knowledge of their various business and social communities.”

“Mr Neville Starke has an in-depth knowledge of agriculture, Local Government, health and community services, Mrs Sue Chase has extensive state economics board experience as well as a long association with the energy and business sectors, including as the Managing Director for Cowell Electric, and Mrs Juanita Walker has been involved in leading health and aged care services in regional and remote communities for nearly 40 years. All new board members have a well-rounded understanding of the Eyre Peninsula and its diversity of economy, community and environment.”

Mr Trigg acknowledged the new Board Members as great assets in continuing to develop and deliver collaborative projects, which support economic development on the Eyre Peninsula.

RDAEP has been instrumental in advancing significant transformative projects over the past twelve months including development of the space industry, community solar, more than 65 new apprenticeships, new energy, water, mining and transport projects as well as supporting regional and Aboriginal tourism.

Mr Trigg thanked outgoing Board Members Mr Colin Carter and Mr Ricky Trenberth for their contribution to the board and the region.  “Both members provided significant input into RDAWEP over the previous term.  I would like to thank Mr Carter in particular for his eight years of voluntary service to RDAWEP, as well as his previous membership of the former Whyalla Economic Development Board.  Mr Carter should feel very proud of the contribution he has made to regional economic development across Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula.”

RDAEP also continues to play a critical role in the region’s management and planned recovery from the coronavirus pandemic providing important local leadership, communication, intelligence and collaboration for all levels of government and associated authorities.

“I look forward to working with the new RDAEP board, our staff, industry and stakeholders to help lead the region’s economic recovery and continued transformation.”

For more information on the members of the Board:  RDAEP Board