Port of Thevenard – Ship loading operations recommencing 21st September

Flinders Ports is pleased to advise that ship loading operations at the Port of Thevenard are due to recommence this week. As at Wednesday 20th September, the focused remedial works have been completed and all safety concerns that were identified in relation to Flinders Ports’ assets at the Thevenard wharf and jetty have been addressed. The Port of Thevenard has officially reopened on Wednesday 20 September for bulk loader operations.

The first ship, the CSL Reliance, will arrive alongside the jetty on Thursday 21st September when it is anticipated that loading operations will resume.
Some final minor works that do not affect the loading operations will be completed over the next week.

Flinders Ports’ engineering team and project partners will continue to develop a long term solution to maintain the health of the jetty and ensure that the jetty will continue to be a stable and safe piece of infrastructure for the community into the future.

Flinders Ports has greatly appreciated the patience of our stakeholders during the remedial works to the jetty.

For more information, please contact:
Vincent Tremaine, CEO, Flinders Port Holdings
08 8447 0611

Stewart Lammin, General Manager, Flinders Ports
08 8447 0611

One thought on “Port of Thevenard Update

  1. Dear Flinders Ports manager,
    I am a retired professional editor who in a voluntary capacity writes for, and edits, the not-for-profit online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia.

    I am currently updating several articles relating to Ceduna and region, which have a readership of more than 3,000 a month. This includes Thevenard, for which I do not have a suitable photograph.

    The aerial offshore view of Thevenard on the RDAEP page at https://www.rdaep.org.au/port-thevenard-update-2/ — which I expect you may have supplied — is particularly good. I would be grateful if you could consider providing an electronic copy for me to upload and signing a copyright licence agreement (which I would draft for you). Flinders Ports would of course be acknowledged.

    I realise such queries take up time to respond to, but I hope you will find benefit in your company being exposed to a large readership.

    Yours sincerely,

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