Help the Government develop the Statewide Palliative Care Services Plan 2021-26 to provide you with an improved palliative care experience

Share your experiences in palliative care during 2020, either as a patient, unpaid carer or health professional.

Palliative care is focused on managing symptoms which may have occurred on their own, or while receiving other medical treatments. It can be provided from a palliative care team, your General Practitioner, in a hospital or at a Residential Care facility.

COVID 19 has significantly impacted the way palliative care is provided and experienced. You can help understand what is working well and how improvements can be made in the delivery of palliative care in South Australia.

Whether you are:

  • a patient who has been receiving palliative care in 2020
  • an unpaid carer who has provided palliative care in 2020
  • a health professional or volunteer who has provided palliative care in 2020

your opinion matters.

To have your say:

Closes 31 December 2020.