With the South Australian Government’s new Mining Regulations commencing on 1 January, and recent increases in mining activity at a local level, Landowner Information Service Officer Brett Klau is responding to increased inquiries from landowners unsure of their rights and obligations, especially when developer or mineral explorer interest might impact their farming enterprise.

The Landowner Information Service is an initiative of the Government of South Australia supported by the primary production and resources sectors. The service offers free, factual
and impartial information to landowners on matters relating to exploration, extractive minerals (including quarrying) and mining regulatory practices.

The service helps landowners navigate the often complex technical and legal processes involved with mining and mineral exploration on their land by empowering them to make
informed decisions when liaising with the resources industry, including breaking down the information and explaining the options, rights and responsibilities of all parties.

The service is operated by Rural Business Support (RBS), a not-for-profit delivering free, independent and confidential Rural and Small Business Financial Counselling Services
across SA and NT. RBS focusses on modelling transformational change in farming and small rural business to help them to be resilient in the face of change, risk and business

Landowners who are feeling anxious, or are unsure of how to open up clear and confident lines of communication between landowners and resource companies should contact Brett
Klau at LIS@ruralbusinesssupport.org.au or call 1800 836 211.

For more information, visit www.ruralbusinesssupport.org.au/LIS