The ingenuity and gritty determination of Calypso Star Charters Shark Cage Diving crew to bring Sam Mac and the Sunrise Weather Team to Port Lincoln and perform a live cross whilst shark cage diving is a great example of not letting our rugged remoteness get in the way of communicating to Australia and the world why you should pack your bags and take the adventure of a lifetime.

Putting our deep blue sea on television screens around the country over breakfast is no small feat and Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula congratulates the team at Calypso for finding a way to shout to the masses that Port Lincoln and the wider Eyre Peninsula will fill you with awe and adrenaline and leave a forever mark that you simply wouldn’t want to erase.

If your business has stories to share, technology to show off or ideas to bring guests into our region who have promotional reach beyond our backyard then please be sure to let us know by contacting 8682 6588.

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