Eyre Peninsula residents aged 15-19 years are encouraged to participate in Mission Australia’s annual Youth Survey.

Mission Australia’s Youth Survey has been conducted annually since 2002.  The 2018 survey focuses on social inclusion/exclusion, including participation in education, employment and community, family and social support, perceptions about general wellbeing, values and concerns, and sources of support.

Here’s your chance to:

Talk to Australia
Results from the Youth Survey are widely reported in national, state and local media – often sparking debate online, in government, in major NGOs and also more locally in schools and your community.

Be heard by government
Youth Survey findings are discussed across federal, state and local government and are included in many key policy and research documents.  Government agencies are keen to hear young people’s opinions about the issues that matter to you.

Help people in need
Mission Australia and other community service organisations use the findings to help develop better youth services and improve the way they work with young people in the community.  Results provide a unique perspective on the concerns of young people and how they can best be assisted.

To take part in the 15 minute survey go to www.missionaustralia.com.au/youthsurvey

Closing date for responses is Tuesday 31 July 2018.

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