The Local Buying Program (LBP) in South Australia provides opportunities for small business in the Upper Spencer Gulf and Far North regions to competitively supply goods and services to BHP’s Olympic Dam.  

There are many benefits to participating in the Local Buying Program, both for local businesses and for BHP employees.

Benefits for Local Business:

  • Greater exposure to BHP – Through an online supplier directory that is accessible to BHP employees.
  • A simplified engagement tool – The Local Buying Program website makes it easier for you to engage with BHP.
  • Appropriate payment terms – Payment terms are 21 days from receipt of invoice.
  • Simpler supplier on boarding process & qualification criteria – On boarding is via an online form and criteria have been designed specifically to suit small business.
  • Continuous support from the C-Res team – Dedicated staff are available via phone or email to assist you with all enquires.

Benefits for BHP Employees:

  • Faster supplier on-boarding – C-Res can also identify and on-board suitable suppliers.
  • Aligns with SAP – PO issues automatically once PR has been approved as work is on contract.
  • Online Supplier Directory – Provides capability and capacity information about participating local businesses.
  • Engaging local suppliers – Local businesses understand local needs and may have shorter turnaround times.  This also supports the sustainability and diversity of local communities.
  • Continuous support from the C-Res team – Dedicated staff are available for on boarding suppliers, creating Work Instructions and all-round support.

CLICK HERE to view the LBP update:
In this issue:

  • Local Buying Program Update
  • Why participate in the Local Buying Program
  • C-Res Engaging Locally
  • Upper Spencer Gulf and Far North Supplier Index
  • Your Local Business Groups/Chambers.

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