The Landowner Information Service (LIS)  was launched by the Minister for Energy and Mining, Dan van Holst Pellekaan in July this year. It is an initiative of the South Australian Government, delivered by Rural Business Support (RBS), and supported by the primary production and resources sectors.

The service provides free, factual and impartial information for landowners, farmers and community members who have queries on resources exploration, quarrying and mining. Landowners can be assisted with navigating the often complex technical and legal processes involved with mining and mineral exploration on their land by empowering them to make informed decisions when liaising with the resources industry, including breaking down the information and explaining the options, rights and responsibilities of all parties.

RBS has been appointed because of their reputation for providing free, impartial, independent and confidential services to primary producers and small business owners in rural areas.

The service is a 12-month pilot, so RBS are reaching out to both the Agricutural and Resource Sectors as well as the wider regional and rural communities to help raise awareness of the program through agencies and organisations that support them.

For more information visit the website: Land Information Service  OR  contact LIS Officer, Brett Klau on 0484 107 144 or via email