SAPOL want to support local businesses and help them stay safe and secure during these challenging times. COVID-19 has caused multiple businesses to close or restructure the way they operate to stay in business.

Recently there have been a number of business break-ins and SAPOL are encouraging owners/operators to be mindful of security measures for their business, especially due to the restrictions and changes to how we all do business.

SAPOL’s  Business Security booklet includes a self-audit checklist for business owners/operators to conduct a security assessment.

A few tips:

  • Ensure CCTV is in working order,
  • Remove visible stock from shelves or displays,
  • Internal and external lighting (sensor) lights are in operating order,
  • Place posters on the building advertising ‘no cash / alcohol / stock is stored on the premises’,
  • Maintain the external garden – trim bushes/hedges near windows to prevent hiding spots for would be thieves.

Now is not the time to be complacent about security, it’s just as important as it ever was.