The State Government has dedicated $25,000 to the pilot program, providing drought-affected farmers with an additional income, along with addressing the environmental issue of the high population of kangaroos in the western Eyre Peninsula and Upper North Regions.

The three month program, jointly developed by Livestock SA, Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA), the Department of Environment and Water (DEW) and Macro Meats will escalate landholders involvement in commercial kangaroo harvesting.

Commencement of the program is expected this month as a drought response measure, with up to 10 landholders being supported to become licenced kangaroo field processors.

Producers in commercial harvest zones will be able to ensure that their operations remain within the realms of possibility whilst up-skilling at the same time. Farmers will be able to acquire the essential meat hygiene and food safety accreditation to ensure they meet the relevant standards for their operations.

Joe Keynes, Livestock SA President said “Macro Meats will also provide mentoring to participating landholders along with information and demonstration sessions so they can undertake the mandatory training and establish their field processing operations. Meat produced during the trial will be purchased by Macro Meats.”

Landholders interested in taking part in the trial are invited to contact Livestock SA on 08 8297 2299 or email