The Department of State Development (DSD) needs your help to better understand and respond to industry demand and individual need for jobs and skills in regional South Australia.

The Skills and Employment Division of the Department of State Development is undertaking a comprehensive engagement approach to better understand and respond effectively and appropriately to industry demand and individual needs in relation to skills, training and employment in non-metropolitan South Australia.

DSD will collaborate with a broad range of local stakeholders and communities to develop tailored responses for skills, training and employment challenges and opportunities.

DSD wants people in regions to have access to training, skill development and employment opportunities tailored to their needs.  Equally, they want businesses to be able to recruit people who are work ready, with the skills needed for the jobs of today and tomorrow.  DSD wants to provide tailored initiatives which meet demand and deliver improved outcomes for individuals, employers and communities.

Involving local people and experts in understanding challenges and opportunities, as well as developing tailored responses in each region, will enable the community and stakeholders to own and drive solutions.

If you live or work in the Eyre and Western region, DSD wants to know more about the local challenges and opportunities in relation to skills, training and employment.

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