In 2013, SEGRA launched its now acclaimed SEGRA Challenge with three nationally recognised demonstration projects underway.  Challenge winners over the years have attracted over $200,000 in funding to implement their ideas across regional Australia.  Funding has come from universities, local and state governments as well as private enterprise.

  1.  Building Regional Start-ups and Entrepreneurships
  2. Safe and Secure Water domestic water off the grid
  3. Attracting collaborative investment in regional Australia.

SEGRA will again be holding a Challenge competition in SEGRA 2017, where delegates can individually or as a group pitch a project to undertake in the following 12 months.  The idea behind the Challenge is to capture and implement some of the great ideas at SEGRA, either in a single region or as a joint collaboration.  A flyer outlining how you can participate in the Challenge can be viewed HERE.

SEGRA plays a significant role in co-ordinating, mentoring and networking each of these Challenge projects.

This year SEGRA is launching a mini Challenge opportunity by way of the SEGRA World Cafe. The World Cafe will take place on Wednesday afternoon from 4:00- 5:00pm and is designed to create an engaging and hospitable space where groups of people with shared interests can meet and discuss some of the key parameters and considerations in relation to an area of interest to themselves. Delegates with ideas that arise in the many spotlight and other sessions can convene during this time, in smaller, informal groups to discuss and develop their ideas further. The purpose of the conversation is completely free flowing where everyone can actively contribute to the conversation in terms of ‘How might I/we make a difference’; what can I do?’

Some groups have already set up a table in the Cafe space with structured talking points which people are also welcome to join. There will be the opportunity to harvest all ideas for the Communique. There will also be the opportunity for tables that wish to have the opportunity to share any collective discoveries. (max 3 mins) in the final session.

Register now to join the SEGRA Challenge and The World Cafe.



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