At the 30 June 2017 Board Meeting of the Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association the President, Mayor Bruce Green, Executive Officer, Tony Irvine and Commissioner of Highways, Michael Deegan signed a memorandum of understanding to investigate shared service opportunities between the parties.

The Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association is delighted to form a partnership with the Department of Planning Transport & Infrastructure (DPTI) and Commissioner of Highways to work together for the purpose of exploring opportunities and collaborating in the area of road maintenance delivery.

Road maintenance has a significant impact on community safety and economic performance. Roads play an important role in providing access to employment, social, recreational and education opportunities, as well as supporting economic prosperity through the efficient, reliable and safe movement of people and goods.

Both State and Local Government are road managers and maintain a considerable network of sealed and unsealed roads across the State.

DPTI is responsible for the maintenance of over 46,500 kilometres of roads, over 1,500 bridges and structures and more than 30,000 light poles.

Local Government maintains over 13,000 kilometres of local roads within the Eyre Peninsula with approximately 94% of these roads unsealed. The Eyre Peninsula faces challenges when it comes to the development and maintenance of its infrastructure due to its size, remoteness, diversity and scattered nature of its population.

There are synergies and areas for greater collaboration between Local Government and State Government in regard to maintenance of the road networks.

Eyre Peninsula Local Government Association’s President, Mayor Green said “This historical partnership is a first for the State and looks forward to the collaboration between DPTI and the EPLGA which will focus on, but is not limited to, road maintenance delivery approaches; procurement opportunities in road maintenance; levels of service for the road network; and optimising resources, including plant and equipment utilisation.”.

The key objectives of the parties are to: support regional economies through building capability and capacity; enhance the safety of the road network; improve the efficiency of road maintenance delivery; and assess current levels of service in regard to road maintenance.


Mayor Bruce Green (President) 0437437051
Tony Irvine (Executive Officer) 0428826587

EPLGA Executive Officer, Tony Irvine, Mayor Bruce Green and Commissioner of Highways Michael Deegan signing the MOU.

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