Feedback is being sought for the development of a new Regional Plan for the Eyre and Western region.

Regional plans play a significant role in identifying land use and long-term infrastructure needs to support sustainable growth within the regions of South Australia. They highlight how these important changes can be accommodated over a 15 to 30-year period, by investigating and guiding:

  • where houses and employment land will go
  • how housing and population will be serviced
  • what infrastructure is needed and how it will be provided; and
  • different growth scenarios (and implications for these scenarios).

To help guide the development of the draft Eyre and Western Regional Plan, you thoughts on what issues and opportunities you see for land use planning, infrastructure and the public realm, as well as what you think is needed to support sustainable growth within the region, would be appreciated.

The South Australian Planning Commission (the Commission) will work collaboratively with councils, key stakeholders and the community throughout the preparation of the draft Eyre and Western Regional Plan Regional Plan to identify the vision and priorities for the region, and to complement the range of strategic work already completed or being undertaken by councils.

In initiating the development of a new regional plan for the Eyre and Western region, the Commission has identified that the new plan will include:

  • a long-term vision for the region, along with supporting targets and actions for land use, transport infrastructure and the public realm
  • maps and spatial plans that are relevant to the vision and priorities
  • contextual information about the region, including forward projections and statistical data and analysis.
  • recommendations about the application of the Planning and Design Code in the region, including future zoning and infrastructure needs, and how land can be developed
  • identification of sufficient land to support housing diversity, affordable living and employment growth
  • clear principles for orderly development and the management of growth, including a hierarchy of plans to guide the form and intensity of settlements and the prioritisation of release of urban lands
  • a framework for the public realm or infrastructure located within the region; and
  • performance indicators and targets to measure success in implementing the plan.

For more information and to get involved, click on the link: Eyre and Western Regional Plan Visioning