The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) has extended the deadline for public consultation until Sunday 16 April 2023 for the Draft Aquaculture (Zones – Lower Eyre Peninsula) Policy 2022.

The Draft Policy has been prepared following a review of the current Aquaculture (Zones – Lower Eyre Peninsula) Policy 2013 to support the sustainable growth of aquaculture for both the existing established aquaculture sectors (i.e. wild-caught tuna, finfish, mussels, oysters and abalone) and the emerging sectors, such as algae (i.e. seaweed). It aims to make sure the zone policy stays relevant and appropriate in relation to the latest science and industry developments, and maximises benefits to the community from the State’s aquaculture resources.

A supporting Report has been prepared to provide a detailed explanation of the purpose, development and effect of the Draft Policy.

The main changes in the Draft Policy are:

  • Permitting sustainable growth in the bivalve mollusc and algae sectors to encourage regional integrated multi-trophic aquaculture opportunities whereby one sector assists to offset nutrient outputs of another.
  • Permitting sustainable growth for aquaculture-related tourism businesses in addition to research and education.
  • Permitting additional classes of aquaculture, including echinoderms, to support sustainable growth for these developing sectors.
  • Consideration of the latest scientific modelling, incorporating oceanography and nutrient assimilation, to determine ecologically sustainable growth (i.e. biomass limits and spatial allocation) of supplementary fed classes of aquaculture, in particular wild-caught tuna and finfish.
  • Improved biosecurity provisions of an existing aquaculture zone for the temporary farming of bivalve molluscs (excluding mussels).
  • A new aquaculture exclusion zone around Dangerous Reef and additional management arrangements based on the latest science to protect Australian Sea-lion populations.

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