Eyre Peninsula Farmers Future Proofing Eyre Peninsula

Eyre Peninsula farmers are the backbone of our region – hard-working, dedicated to the Eyre Peninsula and its future, and committed to keeping our region a great place to live.

They understand that our lifestyle and culture on Eyre Peninsula is shaped by many people investing their time and energy – and when possible, money – to support the community infrastructure and services that enhance local liveability. Some farmers make their contribution by choosing to donate a small part of their crop to support local services and clubs.

The Foundation offers the opportunity for farmers to donate a small amount of grain, with the value added to the Foundation Corpus, where it will live forever attracting income to enhance our grant program and help to future proof the Eyre Peninsula through empowering action at the local level.

Since 2008, the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation has provided over $177,775 in 106 separate grants to local community groups across the region, distributing interest and dividends earned from donated funds held in perpetuity in our Corpus.

Your grain donation is simple to do, and will make a difference every year!

The Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation carefully manages a growing base of donated funds and works with philanthropic and other partners to ensure the best possible value and impact from each of its community projects, regional student advancement and home hospice services on Eyre Peninsula. The Foundation is supported by the invaluable work of the Book Bazaar volunteers and committed administrative staff.

To learn about our grain donation program or any other aspect of the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation, please contact Susan at admin@epcf.com.au or 0400 685 520