The GFG Alliance celebrated one year since they acquired the Whyalla Steelworks at a special ceremony on Friday 31st August.

The celebrations saw Chairman Sanjeev Gupta thank the community and his workforce as well as outline his vision for Transforming Whyalla.

Invited guests including the Hon Christopher Pyne Minister for Defence, Frank Pangallo MLC, Mr Rowan Ramsey MP Member for Grey and Mr Eddie Hughes MP Member for Giles, heard Mr Gupta pay tribute to Whyalla as he recounted how the city came from the brink of collapse to now being a future renewable energy and steel hub.  Mr Gupta spoke of Whyalla’s proud history as the birthplace of steelmaking in Australia and how together with community and government Whyalla can once again be a national leader in steel making and export.

Defence Minister Christopher Pyne spoke to guests on the opportunities for GFG, the Whyalla Steelworks and the community to capitalise on the Australian Government’s $200 million defence spend.

Mr Gupta outlined how he had established a world‐class transformation team to guide the future of GFG’s Whyalla operations in a ‘once in a generation’ transformation, including the planning and implementation of more than $1 billion of investment in GFG’s Whyalla operations and a US $1 billion, 1GW renewable energy program aimed at reducing power prices.

Mr Gupta said these elements would come to fruition over the coming years. “We thank you for your patience, and ask for your continued determination and trust as these significant changes begin to take shape,” he said.

“The acquisition of SIMEC ZEN Energy, the significant investments to date into both mining and steelmaking, and the launch of the 1GW renewable energy program through the Cultana Solar Farm project are significant milestones and we look forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders in Transforming Whyalla” said Mr Brad Riddle, Deputy Director Regional Development, RDAWEP.

The anniversary included the unveiling of refreshed branding for GFG Alliance, which aims to better reflect GFG’s growing portfolio of businesses.

Image: Member for Giles Eddie Hughes, Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey, Sanjeev Gupta, Minister for Defence Christopher Pyne and City of Whyalla CEO Chris Cowley at the first anniversary of the GFG Alliance ownership of the Whyalla steelworks and associated mines. Picture: Courtney Hewett Photography.

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