New information on the Marine Scalefish Fishery reform has been released for consultation. This is the second stage of information being released by PIRSA to assist licence holders to determine their future within the fishery.

Information released in Stage 2 addresses key components of the program including:

  • the proposed method of allocating individual transferable quote (ITQ) units to licence holders and the report of the Independent Allocation Advisory Panel
  • information on the scope of a required compliance program
  • information on the scope of a required scientific stock assessment and monitoring program
  • proposed co-management arrangements for the fishery
  • information on the development of a tiered management framework
  • a process to identify and consider potential amendments to regulations and licence conditions
  • proposed decisions concerning key management arrangements
  • details on how other fisheries with access to the Marine Scalefish Fishery will be considered in the reform process

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Licence holders and interested parties have until 5 pm Friday 18 September 2020 to provide feedback. Feedback will be considered by PIRSA and the Independent Allocation Advisory Committee as part of the reform process.

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Alternatively, send a written submission on any aspect of the reform to