The Eyre Wild Side branding is starting to pop up around the region. It’s great to see the brand getting in front of visitors!

The Port Lincoln airport sign is courtesy of Lower Eyre Council, and Whyalla VIC creative is courtesy of Whyalla City Council.

RDAEP is currently working in collaboration with councils on a Regional Signage Project which includes a suite of consistently branded signs to be installed over time across the EP.

Consistent, branded signage strategically placed throughout the Eyre Peninsula will serve as a powerful tool to reinforce our brand message and create a sense of place.
Positions Eyre as: “A place where people, animals and ancient lands coexist harmoniously.  Where you can encounter giants, dragons, (sea) lions and sharks – all within its bounds.  It’s the wildcard – the one which often gets overlooked, but always surpasses expectations.”