South Australia is committed to building resilience to the likely impacts of climate change. The State Government and the Local Government Association (LGA) have jointly developed an integrated and strategic approach to driving adaptation action at individual, regional and local levels.

Since 2008, the two levels of government have worked together to develop a climate change adaptation planning program for the state which is designed to help each of South Australia’s planning regions to develop a climate adaptation plan specific to its needs.

The EPLGA, EPNRM and RDAWEP formed the Eyre Peninsula Integrated Climate Change Agreement (EPICCA) together with the Minister for the Environment and have worked consistently together to lead the way for regions on climate adaptation strategies and planning pathways.

The aim of this document is to:

  • Provide the background to the development of the Regional Adaptation Planning process and outline the respective roles and responsibilities of the Regional Adaptation Planning partners
  • Present a timeline of key milestones in the development of the Regional Adaptation Planning process
  • Represent eleven case studies from every region that showcase the range and depth of activities being undertaken in the planning regions

Evolving Climate Adaptation across South Australia

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