Community input sought

Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula, in conjunction with the EP Local Government Association and local EP Councils are currently developing a roadside vegetation management plan for Eyre Peninsula.

The plan intends to assist Councils to manage and maintain road verges to allow for the safe passage of vehicles, including cutting back or removal of native vegetation.  The management of native vegetation, including on roadsides, is regulated under the Native Vegetation Act 1991.  This native vegetation can provide important habitat for native plants and animals as well as providing corridors for their movement in a fragmented landscape.  Some of the roadside native vegetation may be of conservation significance.

Local EP councils have committed funding in 2016/17 through the EPLGA and NR EP to progress the development of the roadside vegetation plan.

“The development of the plan will provide greater understanding between local councils and the Native Vegetation Council of the need to maintain a balance between clearance and conservation.  We look forward to gathering knowledge and information from landholders and locals about why specific native vegetation on roadsides in their area may need to be managed.  ” Works Manager Damian Windsor from the District Council of Tumby Bay said.

An online engagement has been developed to allow the wider community to provide information about native vegetation on roadsides that is important to you.  This includes areas of vegetation that may require management for safety reasons, movement of agricultural machinery or contains vegetation of conservation or aesthetic value.

“The YourSAY website provides an easy way of submitting this information, including the location of the vegetation and the reason it is important to people. I encourage people to go to the website and provide any information they can – it should only take 3-4 minutes” Damian said.

It is planned to submit the draft plan to the Native Vegetation Council for their consideration later this year.

For more information please contact Grant Lomman, Landscapes Program Manager at Natural Resources Eyre Peninsula, on 8688 3111 or .

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