Have your say on telecommunications on the Eyre Peninsula

Telecommunications services are vital to participate in modern society. Business, education, health, social and safety activities all rely on connecting with others, and those without functional and reliable telecommunications services risk being left out.

Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula (RDAWEP) are conducting this survey to discover how you use telecommunications services. We’d like to understand any barriers to using digital technologies faced by people in Eyre Peninsula communities to better understand how these can be overcome.

The review aims to gain a better understanding of how regional Australians use telecommunications services. In particular, it is focused on understanding any barriers to using digital technologies faced by people in regional communities and how these can be overcome. With many government, business and retail services now provided online, the Committee wants to better understand the telecommunications landscape for Australians living and working in regional areas, and examine what is needed going forward.

Take the survey here: Eyre Peninsula Regional Telecommunications Gap Analysis Survey

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