More than $1.5 million in grants from the State Government’s Regional Development Fund has been awarded to four businesses across the Eyre Peninsula.

The grants will create 28 ongoing full-time equivalent positions, as well as many more construction jobs.

The state’s seafood industry will benefit from the growth of Eyre Shellfish at Cowell, and EP Seafoods at Port Lincoln. Eyre Shellfish has received a $535,000 grant to support Stage Two of a $4 million project. The project will see enhanced biosecurity at the Pacific Oyster hatchery and nursery, with the construction of an additional hatchery, nursery, dam and water raceway. The project will create nine construction jobs and four ongoing jobs.

A $500,000 grant to EP Seafoods will allow a higher production volume and improved supply throughout the year, as well as meeting stringent international standards, thanks to innovative technology not yet used in Australia. This will allow the company to keep up with high demand and pursue markets in the USA and Canada. The project will create 14 new positions in the company.

Glen-Forest Tourist Park and Vineyard near Port Lincoln have received a $193,750 grant to upgrade the current facilities in the tourist park to include a new reception, kiosk and shop, along with a cellar door and the creation of an adventure maze. The tourist park is a 400-acre farm with 120 acres dedicated to an animal park and 100 acres of vineyards supporting the Lincoln Estate Vineyard label. Six positions will be created during construction of the upgrade, with another six ongoing positions created on completion.

At Cummins, Butterfields Farm Direct Stock Feeds is undertaking a $700,000 facility upgrade. A $347,932 RDF grant will support the expansion with silos, grain mixers, grain weighing hoppers, a pelleting press, a bagging machine and a packaging plant. The upgrade will also enable the company to employ a further four FTEs by 2020.

RDAWEP has worked diligently with government agencies and industry to secure these grants in our region.

The Regional Development Fund (RDF) drives economic growth through grants to boost investment in regional infrastructure and the creation of jobs in South Australia.

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