The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) can assist companies to understand how to use Australia’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) to their benefit

o    The FTA Portal ( provides information about using Australia’s free trade agreements to export and import.
o    Businesses can help shape the content and scope of FTAs under negotiation by participating in DFAT’s FTA consultations. See Key Contacts below for information.

DFAT can support Australian businesses frustrated by Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs) to trade. For example, we make representations to foreign governments where processes delay significant business transactions

o   The Trade Barriers Gateway ( provides access to a government trade barrier reporting feature for Australian businesses.
o   The trade barriers coordination team can also assist with queries. You can report a trade barrier through the gateway, or contact or 02 6178 4300.

DFATs overseas missions can provide information on the various risks and opportunities that exist in overseas markets

o   Market Insights documents explore the opportunities for Australian businesses in over 60 countries (­
o   Our 120 overseas missions in 84 countries can assist Australian companies to engage with foreign governments.
• The DFAT SA State Office can assist in making overseas introductions.
o   The DFAT SA Office regularly hosts Australian Ambassadors and heads of mission visiting for pre or mid-term consultations.
• These visits provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to engage with Ambassadors on international trade matters.
• Please alert us to any particular countries or regions of interest.

DFAT can also assist Australian companies by

o   Advising companies encountering pressure to pay bribes when doing business overseas. Australian law prohibits foreign bribery.
o   Helping to navigate the sanctions regime, should companies be exporting sensitive goods or working with sensitive partners.

Liz Day                                                            Erin Leggat
Director, SA State Office                             Deputy Director, SA State Office              
Tel 0466 943 876                                         Tel 0466 86 7 714

Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs)
Tel 02 617 8 4300

Australia’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)
FTA Portal –
FTA Hotline (including COO queries)- 02 62611888

ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand FTA (AANZFTA) –
Chile-Australia FTA –
China-Australia FTA –
Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) – (agreement not yet in force)
Australia-Hong Kong FTA –
Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA) –
Japan-Australia FTA –
Korea-Australia FTA-
Malaysia-Australia FTA –
New Zealand-Australia FTA –
Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations (PACER) Plus –
Peru-Australia FTA –
Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) – (agreement not yet in force)
Singapore-Australia FTA-
Thailand-Australia FTA –
United States-Australia FTA –

FTAs Under Negotiation and Open for Submissions
Australia-European Union Free Trade Agreement –
Australia-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) FTA –
Australia-India Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement –
Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement –
Pacific Alliance Free Trade Agreement –