RDAWEP, on behalf of Iron Road Limited (Iron Road), invited individuals and businesses interested in utilising the proposed Cape Hardy port facilities for the import or export of goods and products to register a non-binding preliminary interest (EOPI).
Service providers essential for general port operations as well as port construction companies were also encouraged to take up this invitation.

The proposed port development is located at Cape Hardy, 7km south of Port Neill on the eastern Eyre Peninsula. All interested parties were invited to register a non-binding preliminary interest in this opportunity.

The construction and operation of Cape Hardy as the only Cape Class bulk commodity export facility in South Australia is subject to Iron Road obtaining funding and approvals for its own operations.

The call for EOPI was released on 13 December 2016 and closed March 13 2017.  In total, 54 companies lodged EOPI in the proposed Port at Cape Hardy including international companies with shipping and grain backgrounds.

Several companies expressed in interest in construction, supplying tugboats, locomotives, industrial machinery, navigation, fuel bunkering and port operations.

The project will help ensure the international success of Cape Hardy and leverage the largest possible economic advantage for the RDAWEP region.


One thought on “Cape Hardy Port Development

  1. Hi team,
    In regards to furthering interest to become a nominated service provider for the Cape hardy export terminal project, We would like to participate in any sea or sub sea activities, we are a local team of engineering diving and maritime professionals. We are able to mobilise teams of local highly trained personnel and assets for the duration of the feasibility, construction and ongoing maintenance into the future. We have been approached for similar roles and as a foot note here, I myself am an accomplished boilermaker and coded welder and I am able to network local trade based roles such as electricians, boilermakers, advanced rigger, marine masters, marine engineers and operators, feels free to contact my mobile or website.

    Best regards,

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