RDAWEP’s annual Economic Development Forum was held on 1st March 2017 in Coffin Bay.  The forum was well attended by 80 delegates and featured 9 speakers and 4 presentations.

Local community leaders came together to give insight on; building on the strengths of the region’s economy and capacity for growth, and to identify the policy drivers for critical development and the right investments for the future.

Future implications of NDIS, regional planning and energy are core to Eyre Peninsula’s economy and the region’s development. To build a modern economy means redefining industry, applying innovation, re-imagining potential, facing risks and making the most out of the region’s strengths.

Keynote speakers of the day included Peter Hoppo (NDS), Alex Reid (DSD), Mike McKeown (Matthew Flinders Home Inc), Alan Barrett and Mohsen Moeini (Entura), Michael Deegan (DPTI), Dave Moffat and Dee Bourbon (Chevron) and Howard Coote (RDAWEP).

View the full presentations below.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)




Mike McKeown presentation video example







Chevron Bight Exploration Update





Indigenous Economic Development


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