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Nalino Proprietors

Job Description: Senior Farm Hand 

Role Overview:

The Senior Farm Hand role is responsible for carrying out daily tasks (as listed below) in a safe, responsible, efficient manner. They will conduct work effectively, considerately, and cooperatively with other team members and independently as directed. The employee shall be forward thinking, proactive and contribute to the planning and implementation process. They shall participate in educational and self-development opportunities applicable to the operation at the managers discretion and cost.

About Us:

The family-owned business operates approximately 4500 ha comprising of dryland broadacre cropping and sheep. Most operations are carried out by the owners, with contractors used strategically throughout the year.


Increase production on our property to its economic potential, and continue to expand the business, whilst:

  • Creating a safe, happy and enjoyable workplace
  • Improving operational efficiencies and infrastructure
  • Improving the property environmentally
  • Enjoying the lifestyle


  • Current Chem Cert Certificate (at least level 3)
  • Current Driver’s License

Job Roles / Tasks: 

  • Completing pre-start checks and actively investigate for repairs or maintenance requirements. Ensuring that when beginning a repair/maintenance job all reasonably predictable parts (i.e. filters and oil) are on farm ready to go.
  • Grain harvesting/handling procedures and equipment operation. t. Monitor samples, grain quality and data collection during the harvest.
  • Assist in the planting/spreading of crops and fertilisers with application, logistics, maintenance or any other roles that are required.
  • Use and work with the latest Precision Ag cropping technologies and techniques.
  • Stock movement/handling & stock husbandry procedures (vaccinating, mouthing etc)
  • Fencing maintenance/erection
  • Shed & building maintenance
  • Water systems maintenance
  • Power equipment (cordless/240v/petrol) operation
  • Tractor/Machinery (PTO, TPL and Trailed) operation
  • Chainsaw operation/maintenance
  • Fire control equipment operation
  • Weed/Pest control applying pesticides which involves the reading and complying with label requirements, safe application methods, recording spray records and manually handling drums, bags etc.
  • Chemical/Dangerous Goods safe handling/application
  • Farm Yard/Sheds/Paddock hygiene procedures (fallen limbs, wire, string, scrap)
  • Implement and enforce work health and safety procedures
  • Strong motivating skills to encourage our team to create a supportive on-farm culture in which high performers can thrive

Key Competencies:

Personal Competencies Interpersonal and Communication Skills / Team skills

  • Trustworthy, honest, and ownership of errors/mistakes/property damage.
  • Strong attention to detail and take personal responsibility for your work.
  • Able to work autonomously.
  • Ability to ask advice when unsure.
  • Ability to build rapport with co-workers & able to empathise with the needs of co-workers.
  • Ability to work as part of a team to achieve shared goals.
  • Ability to resolve conflict with co-workers
  • Communicate effectively on all matters with Management, Staff and Contractors both written and verbally
  • Must have good observation and deduction skills and the ability to act appropriately when situations arise.
  • An understanding of the basic biology of stock, soils and plants i.e. reproduction, growth, health, and so on.
  • High personal standards – discipline, loyalty, honesty and integrity. Must be tidy, both in the workplace and around home.
  • Verbal communication – speaks in a clear succinct manner and tailor’s language to suit target audience.
  • Written communication – communicates ideas on complex and sensitive issues clearly in writing, selecting language, tone and format to suit target recipients.

Time Management / Punctuality 

  • Be a self-starter, self-motivated and works efficiently.
  • Ability to manage your own performance and time and be respectful of the time of others
  • Manage time well focusing on completing tasks by due dates
  • Arrive at work with adequate time to prepare to begin work by start time rather than arrive at start time.

Problem Solving 

  • Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.
  • Exercise discretion and judgement against established criteria

Technical Competencies Safe Work Practices 

  • A positive and enforcing role when it comes to the work health and safety practices on farm.
  • Take precautions and actions to prevent personal injury to self and/or others in the vicinity.
  • Do not allow others to enter a risk area unless all parties are aware of risks present and are required to assist with task at hand.
  • Adopt safe lifting practices. Measure up the load and determine whether mechanical assistance is required or an extra pair of hands.
  • Always use 3 points of contact when climbing a ladder and use a harness when working with heights.
  • Wear appropriate safety apparel and always provided PPE.
  • Always seek additional safety gear if it is not provided.
  • Read all labels and wear protective clothing when handling chemicals and dangerous goods.
  • Comply with the Nalino Proprietors induction manual and always look for hazards and safe ways to complete tasks.

Respect for Livestock / Farm Property 

  • Use Low Stress stock handling techniques and always treat all stock humanely.
  • Operate farm machinery and equipment responsibly and conscientiously, with care so as not to cause unnecessary damage or wear.
  • Use all tools, plant and equipment for its intended purpose. Refer to operations manual.
  • Remove rubbish from accommodation supplied and maintain in a tidy respectable state.
  • Clean up after oneself.
  • Attention to Detail / Accuracy
  • Pay attention to the surrounds to detect potential problems, issues or breakage.
  • Always seeks to provide “finished product” without the need for rework
  • Takes pride in output and workmanship.
  • Analyse issues from different viewpoints, to identify hidden problems
  • Read documents thoroughly.
  • Weed, pest and disease-control implementation

The senior farm hand will also need to carry out a self-assessment of your performance and identify areas of improvement/training needs to be discussed with the manager/owner.

Applications in writing to:

Paul Schaefer


PO Box 561
Kimba  SA   5641

Applications must include 2 written references and a contact number for 2 references.

Applications close Friday October 8th  2022 at 5pm

To apply for this job please visit www.seek.com.au.