St Hilliers is the head contractor for the Cultana Training Area Redevelopment and is looking to procure trades, including:

  • Metal Work
  • Louvers
  • Aluminium windows
  • Steel windows
  • Door frames
  • Ceramic tiling
  • Painting
  • Floor finishes
  • Dry fire
  • Supply of timber trusses
  • Final clean

For any contractors that show interest in the project, St Hilliers have to ensure that they are 2016 code compliant. This evidence must be provided by the contractor before any documents or negotiations between both parties commence. Once this is confirmed documents can be sent out to contractors to price their specific trade. Once the prices are received St Hilliers will invite contractors for a tender interview which goes through scope of work, contract conditions, safety paperwork, programme, resources to complete the project and references of other works that are similar to the works at Cultana to give St Hilliers confidence in the subcontractors ability to complete the project.

To submit interest in the project please contact: 

Brendan White
Project Manager
St Hilliers

Mobile: +61 434 560 168



The Defence vision for the Cultana Training Area (CUTA) Redevelopment Phase 1 Project is to create a state of the art training establishment in South Australia (SA) that enables Brigade level manoeuvre and live firing exercises.

Expansion of the Cultana Training Area is required to support future joint training needs and the capability of 1st Brigade and 7th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (7 RAR) Battle Group, which is established at Edinburgh, SA. The current and projected usage of the existing training area is not environmentally sustainable beyond the short term and the expansion of the Cultana Training Area is critical to maintaining Defence capability. An expanded Cultana Training Area also offers an environment to conduct future air to ground, ground to air and ship to shore training activities.

The CUTA Redevelopment Project involves the construction of:

  • Trunk Infrastructure
  • Site Infrastructure
  • Road Network
  • Range Control Main Building and associated infrastructure
  • Range Control Warehouse
  • Multi Bay Magazine
  • Waste Shelter
  • Ammunition Transfer Points
  • Vehicle Wash Bay
  • Urban Operations Training Facility
  • Combined Arms Range

In addition to the works at CUTA, a new Earth Covered Building (ECB) at RAAF Base Edinburgh will be constructed for the permanent storage of explosive to support CUTA and wider Defence operations.

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