You can help develop a new Road Safety Strategy and shape how we save lives, reduce serious injuries and deliver safer communities.

A new Road Safety Strategy is being developed to reduce lives lost and serious injuries on our roads. The strategy will guide decisions and investment, with a focus on the safe movement of people throughout the State.

Whether you drive, ride, are a pedestrian or passenger, you have the opportunity to shape the actions needed to enable us to travel and interact safely on our roads.

Help us to better understand:

  • how you travel around your community
  • what you see as the goals for improving road safety over the next ten years
  • where issues are a priority to be addressed in the Road Safety Strategy.

You can assist us develop a new Strategy that meets the needs of the community and supports South Australians to safely travel to work, school, shops and their homes.

For more information and to have your say:  Road Safety Strategy to 2031

Consultation closes on Monday 2 November 2020.