The world has seen a transformation of the global space economy. Space technology is getting smaller, access to space is becoming cheaper and innovation cycles are shortening. All of this means that companies of all sizes can make significant contributions to the space economy, which is resulting in a rapidly growing space industry, worth around US$350 billion globally in 2018.

Space-based technology provides essential data for what Australians have come to expect every day including weather forecasting, GPS technology, internet access and online banking. It is also a driver for productivity and economic growth, engagement in STEM disciplines, and the next generation of high-value jobs.

RDAEP recognises that regions such as Eyre Peninsula not only benefit from space technology, they play an important role in servicing, supporting and developing¬† sectors of the industry. National competition to attract this new capability and economy is very high and in order to maximise Eyre Peninsula’s and South Australia’s benefit, RDAEP will continue to lead a coordinated regional approach.

RDAEP is working to identify and explore high-value economies that align with the region’s competitive advantages. To that end, it is accelerating the development of a space industry in Eyre Peninsula, ensuring the region is recognised as a leading centre globally for space innovation in launch, rocket assembly and niche manufacturing.