A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on Thursday 9 February between the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation (EPCF) and Matthew Flinders Homes (MFH).  This partnership establishes a permanent Home Hospice Service on Eyre Peninsula, providing out of hours and weekend support to terminally ill patients to allow them to remain in their own homes for their last few weeks.
A trial home hospice service arranged by the Eyre Peninsula Home Hospice Association (EPHHA) ran for eighteen months in 2015 and 2016. The new service builds on the success of that trial, and has been designed using the experience gained.
The Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation managed and invested the funds donated for the home hospice trial, and continues to fill that role for the permanent service. MFH will provide the “front line” services under the guidance of an oversight team of associated professionals, with representatives from the EPCF and MFH Boards.
Mike Leech and Liz Penfold were instrumental in establishing the trial under the EPHHA, and the EPCF and MFH are proud to be able to take the next step to a permanent service. With MFH in the partnership now, the EPHHA is no longer needed and is being wound up. All funds have been carried forward under the care of EPCF.

The EPCF website is www.epcf.com.au, and the Foundation can be contacted on 0400 685 520 or by email to admin@epcf.com.au
The MFH website is www.mfh.com.au, and they can be contacted on (08) 8682 4122 or by email to reception@mfh.com.au

Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation holds the funds for the Eyre Peninsula Home Hospice.
If you wish to make a donation, please contact the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation or DONATE ONLINE

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