Rural Business Support (RBS) is pleased to offer a new service across South Australia in 2020-21 – free, factual and impartial information for landowners, farmers and community members who have queries on resources exploration, mining and quarrying.

The Landowner Information Service is an initiative of the SA Government, delivered by Rural Business Support and supported by organisations in the primary production and resources sectors.

The focus of the Landowner Information Service is to:

  • Provide easy-to-understand information to any individual or business affected by resources exploration and mining activities.
  • Explain your options, rights and responsibilities.
  • Empower you to make informed decisions.

The service is designed to provide information to help landowners make informed decisions. It takes technical information about the often complex technical and legal processes involved and makes it easy to understand for landowners who are new to the process.

Brett Klau, the Landowner Information Service Officer will be working across SA to deliver the service, either face to face, on the landowner’s property, at one of RBS’ regional offices or at a mutually agreed convenient location.

To register interest, contact RBS on 1800 836 211 or email