Southern Cross University (SCU) recently conducted a study of migrant business ownership and entrepreneurship in regional Australia.

Through the Regional Australia Institute’s (RAI) Regional Research Connections Initiative, the university completed the study to learn more about migrant business owners and their contribution to creating new jobs in the country’s regions.

SCU’s study states that of all working migrants, those in regional areas are more likely to be operating their own business which in turn promotes further growth in these communities. While many regional communities are trying to attract migrants to address workforce shortages, once they settle in migrants are also creating jobs themselves by establishing their own businesses.

At the beginning of November the RAI held a luncheon to discuss action on the rural migration initiative. RAI CEO Jack Archer highlighted the importance of the event to educate on the workforce shortage in rural communities and also to highlight the success of locally led migration campaigns. In regards to the purpose of the event, he said,

“We are continuing to build a coalition of communities, organisations and peak bodies who can rally behind the need for transformation to ensure our regional and rural communities can continue to grow and prosper”.

Ultimately if regional communities can retain migrants, SCU’s study has shown that many will end up creating new jobs in the area that they have settled in which in turn keeps regions growing.

Click here for more information on this study and it’s key findings.

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