As the sun sunk lower in the sky at the launch of the Kimba silo artwork, the scene changed its appearance ever so slightly with the vibrant colours deepening.  Another reason to stop and stare and take your time to marvel at the talent of artist Cam Scale and the tenacity of Kimba’s community. A visit is a must, a longer stay will reap even greater reward. Regional Development Australia Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula were thrilled to attend the opening celebrations of the silo artwork in Kimba on Friday, September 22 and enjoy the town’s addictive community spirit.

Kimba is reaching out to visitors in fresh ways, their town signage is new and welcoming, free camping has been successfully  established and the overarching ignite Kimba arts program will continue to drive momentum. The increased visitation over a manner of months speaks for itself, bringing benefits not just to Kimba but the wider Eyre Peninsula region as road trips are planned and detours made. Let’s fill our regional map with reasons to stop, stare and stay.

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