For those agencies interested in demographics and planning, Adelaide Universities’ renowned Hugo Centre for Migration and Population Research has a new website containing a number of informative migration and population research studies.

Their work addresses the global challenge of population change. They focus on four interlinked research themes:

  • Migration, Diasporas & Diversity: How do patterns of human mobility, social difference, and cross-border connectedness shape cities, economies and nation-states?
  • Demography & the Life Course: How do demographic shifts such as population growth and ageing alter the nature of work, family life, and peoples’ relationships to the built environment?
  • Population-Environment Interactions: How do population dynamics interact with processes of transformation in our physical environment?
  • Social Applications of GIS: How can we describe and explain population change using state-of-the-art spatial analysis and geographical information systems?

The Centre prioritises research that is innovative and interdisciplinary, and which impacts positively on people and organisations.


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