The Government of South Australia is embarking on a consultative process to develop a comprehensive energy transition policy for the next three decades. The transformation of our energy sector offers significant opportunities for the state including sustainable economic development, social inclusion, energy security, improved health, and job creation.

As a first step, South Australia’s Green Paper on the energy transition has been developed to encourage conversation and generate ideas on the challenges impacting South Australia’s use of energy, both now and in the future, and the opportunities these challenges bring to the state as we transition to a net-zero emissions future.

Your feedback on the many questions this Green Paper poses, is sought.

For almost two decades, South Australia has been at the forefront of the global energy transition, and recognised as an international renewables powerhouse.

A traditional one-way system delivering electricity to homes and businesses is transforming to a modern, two-way system where people can now consume, generate, export and trade energy.

With new technologies such as rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, batteries, electric vehicles, smart meters and smart appliances continuing to be developed and installed on an ever-increasing basis across the state, our electricity grid is undergoing significant change.

Work done to date, both in South Australia and beyond, provides a valuable first step for further policy development to achieve a prosperous and sustainable net-zero emissions energy future for the state.

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Consultation closes 11pm, Sunday 13 August 2023

**Your submission or a summary of your submission may be made publicly available by the Department for Energy and Mining on its website unless you indicate on the submission that you wish for it to remain confidential.

Note this survey contains a brief introduction as well as specific questions on each of the topics covered in the Green Paper. Each section also provides the opportunity for general comments.

You are not required to complete all of the questions, simply skip to the next section if you do not wish to make comment on any part of the survey at any time.

General feedback is also welcome via an email to link).

Feedback on the Green Paper will be used to develop a comprehensive White Paper, that will set out where SA are now, where SA need to be and how SA will transition to a net-zero emissions future.