Contrary to popular belief, free Wi-Fi connectivity in main streets and visitor hotspots generally means uploading (rather than downloading) with the sharing and promotion of the spoils and attractions of a region or town to friends and family. This can translate into greater visitation and therefore economic gains for local businesses that could be delivered by standard marketing or advertising campaigns because we respond more actively and with increased trust, to our own peers and networks.

The South Australian Tourism Commission in partnership with Telstra is bringing Wi-Fi hotspots to the Eyre Peninsula, including:

  • Ceduna
  • Coffin Bay
  • Kimba
  • Port Neill
  • Port Lincoln Foreshore
  • Streaky Bay
  • Whyalla Foreshore

The District Councils of Franklin Harbour and Tumby Bay have also gone one step further and introduced main street Wi-Fi to Cowell and Tumby Bay.

RDAWEP is thrilled with the efforts these communities are going to, to be vibrant and visitor friendly. This new connectivity in our region is highly desired and adds a comfort and convenience factor for visitors and locals alike.

The SA Tourism Free Wi-Fi Network will enable visitors to connect when in range to the nearest hotspot with access to unlimited data for one hour per day using their smartphone, mobile device or laptop.

2 thoughts on “Eyre Peninsula FREE Wi-Fi

  1. This is a great idea and something larger cities like Adelaide have had implemented for years now. I think its about time Port Lincoln especially caught up with the times and followed a little in Tumby Bays footsteps. Yes for WIFI from me. one suggestion, is to have a sound advertisement about connectivity available to community members and tourists. signage or flyers at local hotels and venues. when visiting other towns with Wifi, I have been unable to automatically connect and did not have access to the procedure, therefore did not access.

    1. Thanks Kate. Instructions and promotion are key and we will work closely with the local Councils to ensure their approaches are user-friendly. The new South Australian Tourism Commission Wi-Fi hotspots to be dotted throughout the region (look out for one on the foreshore in Port Lincoln) have very visible signage that hopefully makes connecting a simple process.

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